Who We Are


Compassion Africa Aid-Uganda (C.A.A-U), a non- governmental organization that was established in 2020 to bring together organizations and individuals who are interested in advocating for the development of vulnerable persons and empowering their communities to fight poverty more so amongst women, promote holistic child development through skills development. We also handle legal and human rights issues surrounding our beneficiaries, Health and HIV/AIDS responses in Uganda, environmental conservation and offer WASH programs.


Our mandate is based on the foundation of training, empowerment and skilling from what is known to the unknown, promoting Holistic child support and human rights are critical enablers in influencing the success of poverty alleviation mediations envisioned at bringing self-supporting lives and breaking chains and cycles of poverty and also mitigate the adverse social impact and suffering that are likely to be caused by the absence of those services.


We envision a society within which children; women and their surrounding communities are living improved lives physically, cognitively, socially, economically and sustainably.


We strive to empower vulnerable children, women, and the entire vulnerable communities to address the economic, social, spiritual, cognitive, physical and environmental challenges.


To empower vulnerable children, women and communities we serve in to realize their full growth and development potential in all spheres of life.