How we Work


CAA-U works at all levels starting from National to local levels in collaborates with the local Church and Government under different ministries. With so far most of the districts in Eastern and Northern covered, CAA-U intends to extend its services to other regions of the country and small vulnerable villages but with God gifted young people who only need a hand to set pace in their own development.

We offer diligent services to vulnerable and marginalized groups. Through creative programming, has and continues to addressed several risk factors that continually increase defenselessness to holistic life outcomes in homes, communities and in the general life of our supported children. These include but not limited to poverty, Early pregnancies, barriers to trainings on IGAs resulting from inability to finance expensive workshops that are life changing economically, barriers to good child protection practices, barriers to justifiable access to services, societal segregation, stigma and discrimination domestic and intimate partner violence, deprivation of property rights, denial of control over bodily integrity, etc.  Our Target groups include the neediest children (OVC)of the societies we operate in, Women, Persons with Disability (PWD), Palliative Care Patients and elderly.


Uganda is a land locked country in Eastern Africa, bordered by Kenya on the east, South Sudan on the north, the Democratic Republic of Congo on the west and Tanzania on the south. Uganda is on the equator. English is the official language of Uganda, but many local languages are spoken also. Uganda has a new generation of positively motivated people who are striving for better.